Whether you are interested in a training to become a professional practitioner,
or you are already a manual therapist looking to enrich your practice with the Ampuku skills,
or would like to attend a foundation course to improve your own health and wellbeing,
the Ampuku Academy Japan has courses for you.

Ampuku is a traditional Japanese Manual Therapy, firmly rooted in the principles of East Asian Medicine.
Although it is sometimes referred to as Abdominal Acupressure, Ampuku treats the whole body.

It is a whole-body therapeutic treatment with special focus on Hara and meridian work.

All our courses are in the Hybrid In-Person and Virtual format.
The online lessons and videos support the In-Person courses and can be accessed at any time by the students.

Ampuku Academy Japan
Intensive Course
March 2023


Ampuku Academy Japan

Ampuku Intensive Course

The training starts with this stand-alone 4-day Foundation course open to all. including complete beginners.


Successful completion of the Foundation course allows you to continue to Level One of the Practitioner training course

if you choose to.


The course is designed to offer a solid grounding in Ampuku bodywork and the theories of East Asian medicine.

You will be introduced to the underlying principles of Yin & Yang and of the 5 Transformations (5 Elements).

​You will also learn:

  • Traditional Ampuku techniques

  • How to work ergonomically from the Hara

  • How to give a full body Ampuku treatment

  • Simple Qi Gong exercises

  • Self-Ampuku

Please wear loose comfortable clothes and bring a big towel and a pair of socks.

Futons are provided.

For the course schedule see here

The aim of Level 1 is to deepen the basic competencies and techniques from the Foundation course

– through a combination of Online and In-Person programs


​As a Level 1 student you will learn:

  • Extended full body treatment in prone, supine, side and sitting positions

  • The 12 meridians of East Asian medicine and their main Acupressure points

  • Yin & Yang and the 5 Transformations

  • Qi Gong exercises

  • Meditations

  • Self-Ampuku

The Course has 4 components: the in-person program / the online program /

two tutorial sessions / twenty recorded treatments


1) In-Person program:

2 intensive 5-day courses (total - 60 hours)

Pre-requisite: Foundation Course

For the course dates

2) Online program:

1) The Channels of East Asian medicine - Level 1

2) Ampuku - the Essence of Japanese Bodywork - Level 1

3) Life Nourishing Arts - Level 1

 These 3 video courses will be available at Shinzui Bodywork Online from September 2021:

3) Tutorial sessions:

During Level 1 you'll be asked to take 2 x 1 hour tutorial sessions - providing an opportunity for reflection, questions,

feedback and individual support.

More information about the Tutorial sessions

4) Treatment records:

You’ll be asked to submit 20 recorded treatments, following the required format.

Exam 1:

Students who successfully complete all 4 components of the course will then be invited to take Exam 1.

Students who pass Exam 1 will receive the Ampuku Academy Japan Level One Certificate


Cancellation policy: no refund can be given once a course has been signed up for and paid.

For courses involving travel, therefore, we recommend that you take travel cancellation insurance when booking your trip.