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Abdominal Acupressure

Philippe Vandenabeele

4 -5 September 2021


This 2 day intensive workshop is open to all manual therapists and advanced students interested to deepen their practice by learning how to give a powerful, transformative Hara treatment.... 


Listening beyond 


Philippe Vandenabeele

11 - 12 September 2021

VIENNA Austria

In this workshop we will look at some of the common so called "modern diseases" like fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, burn-out and addiction with aim in building confidence....

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East meets West
for Pelvic Health

Online course with

Philippe Vandenabeele

In the Asian practices of medicine, the 腹Hara (lower belly) together with the腰 Koshi (lower back and hips) are considered to be the core and seat of our power, stability and presence. The cultivation of this powerhouse, together with.... 


Shinzui Method professional training

Are you a manual bodywork professional or in training? Would you like to deepen your understanding and improve your bodywork practice? Find out more about our Shinzui Method training programs!


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